We Grow Faster Together

Our Holding Company offers a stable base and the necessary support to all its companies, which can therefore develop quickly and efficiently. 

Our Companies

Briefly About Us 

TGA Holding s. r. o. is a young and dynamic investment Company engaged in acquisition activities and the search for investment opportunities in the market. Despite its short market presence, it already brings together several major companies from different sectors. 

Our Vision and Values

Our main goal is to build a strong and prosperous company. Through acquisition activities, we want to enter companies and optimise their processes to achieve the best possible results. By looking for gaps in the market, we strive to create new values.

We are interested not only in start-up projects, but also in fully established companies. We focus our activities mainly in the field of construction, healthcare, hospitality industry and agriculture. However, we do not oppose entering other sectors of the market.

On our way to success, we put great emphasis on values that include professionalism, reliability, responsibility and fair dealing in all areas of our work.

Social Responsibility

Business is not just about profits, results or new acquisitions. As the Company grows, so does its social responsibility. We care about the world we live in, the people we meet.