Summary of 2020 and Vision for 2021

The past year 2020 was successful for the TGA Holding s.r.o. Group. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group managed to achieve total sales of 530 million. CZK (year-on-year +50 million CZK) and EBITDA of 125 million CZK.
A significant part was contributed by Značky Morava, a. s., Silverton s. r. o. and Grames s. r. o., which implemented a number of projects in the field of transport engineering, thus increasing safety not only on the roads in our country. TGA Development s. r. o. has completed the construction of new headquarters of Značky Morava, a. s. in Brantice and is finalising the first stage of the Nová Kasárna residential project in Krnov, which will create 52 apartments for sale or rent and a commercial centre. The second phase of this project will begin at the end of January 2021. In this phase, another 52 apartments will be created for rent. TGA Building s. r. o. will start the construction of a new community house for the elderly this year, once again in the locality of Ostrava - Bartovice, in response to the increasing demand for modern and affordable housing for the elderly, including services. The physiotherapy centre project of TGA Fit s. r. o. received a subsidy from the European Union for the acquisition of the necessary equipment of the premises and in 2021 it can therefore continue with its implementation. At the end of January 2021, we also expect to open the bistro Včera, dnes a zítra, which is already looking forward to welcoming its first customers.